Refrigeration Maintenance

Strip curtains reduce your electrical costs by sealing off the air of a walk in coolers and freezers. They also reduce moisture and frost buildup which prevents premature food spoilage. They also minimize temperature fluctuations as the doors open and closes during use.Restaurant Equipment Repair offers a number of high quality USDA compliant PVC strip curtain kits, mounting bracket sets, and replacement parts specially designed for the food service industry. 

Walk In Cooler and Freezer Strip Curtain

Refrigeration systems are critical in the foodservice industry. It is very important to practice preventative maintenance on your cooling systems to help prevent them from clogging or breaking down, which could lead to spoiled food, rotten food, etc.Preventive maintenance does not guarantee your unit will not break down. However, by taking care and maintaining your refrigeration systems your unit is less likely to have problems.

Check door seals (gaskets). Your refrigeration unit has worked hard enough cooling the conditioned space. Don?t let warm kitchen air seep in through torn or split gaskets. Slowly inspect all four sides of door gaskets for rips or tears. Make sure the gasket actually seals well on all four sides. Gently clean gaskets with a mild soapy water to remove food debris.

*RER Parts and Service provides scheduled refrigeration maintenance on your walk in and reach in refrigeration equipment *

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